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At the far ends of the earth, there exists a stone bearing the most romantic and succulent colors found within the natural world. Born beneath the furtive soil of Western Australia’s remote East Kimberley region, the Argyle Pink Diamond perfectly embodies the rarest caliber of natural color diamonds found on earth. Despite decades of investigation, the elusive origin of their inimitable hues remains unknown and has imbued the Argyle Diamond with a mysterious and alluring character that has captivated the world over.

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Since its discovery in 1983, the Argyle Diamond Mine has unearthed over eight hundred million carats of rough diamonds and awoken a fascination with natural color, unseen ever before. It is the first and only consistent source of natural pink, violet and red diamonds in history. Despite being the largest producer of white and natural colored diamonds, less than one percent of the mine’s annual eight million carat production of rough diamonds go on to be graded as fancy pink diamonds. In fact, an entire year’s supply of fancy pink diamonds over half a carat would scarcely fill the palm of your hand, while the number of red, blue, and violet diamonds would number less than ten.


The crown of natural color rests securely with the Argyle Pink Diamond. These intriguing curiosities of nature show luscious hues ranging from light blushing pink to vivid saturation in blue, violet, purple, and the rarest of all—red. Highly renowned for their intrinsic investment value and exceptional rarity, the argyle diamond is most often sought after by investors, collectors, and celebrities. Despite decades of thorough investigation, the exact true origin of the pink and red diamond’s color remains elusive, adding mystery to their already incredible character. The provenance, quality of color, and consistency offered by the Argyle Pink Diamond has vaulted these exceptionally rare diamonds to the pinnacle of natural fancy color.

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As an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, Rosenberg Diamonds & Co. stands among the few jewelers across the globe invited to sell these legendary diamonds. While discovering a pink diamond is an exhilarating achievement, becoming the owner of these famed jewels is an experience all its own.

Access to the diamonds is limited to Argyle’s exclusive network of specially appointed Authorized Partners and Select Ateliers. David Rosenberg’s distinction as an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier is an honor held by fewer than forty jewelers globally. The international accolade is exclusively appointed to the few esteemed jewelers recognized by Argyle as exemplifying the unequaled expertise, responsibility, and integrity required to ensure the provenance and custodianship of the world’s most coveted diamonds.

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As a select atelier, Rosenberg Diamonds offers clients access to otherwise unobtainable and unrivaled color and rarity through our attendance of the prestigious Argyle Pink Diamond Annual Tender—a private trade event that has established itself over three decades as the most exclusive diamond sale in the world.

Across the vast spectrum of natural fancy color diamonds, pinks, purples, blues, and reds are far and away the rarest hues to be discovered. Each year the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender showcases a small number of masterpiece diamonds produced by the mine. Details of the tender, including pricing and inventory, remain confidential and the highly coveted and collectable tender catalogues, due to their limited production, are not available for purchase.